Data Sciences and Analytics Programme At eClerx: Pioneering In Solving Emerging & Mission-Critical Problems For Fortune® 500 Enterprises

As the nature of business problems evolved, the way we solve them has also evolved, and eClerx is at the forefront of this change, pioneering in all things data for the past two decades.
Data Sciences and Analytics Programme At eClerx: Pioneering In Solving Emerging & Mission-Critical Problems For Fortune® 500 Enterprises

Data plays a critical role in the success of big-ticket companies, especially post-pandemic. Businesses rely on data-driven strategies to solve ambiguities, take on business challenges, streamline processes and drive operational efficiencies. By 2025, 80% of organisations looking to scale their digital functions are doomed to fail, owing to a medieval approach to data and analytics, a Gartner report observed. 

Right on cue is Mumbai-based Data Science and Analytics service provider — eClerx that has offices in several major cities across the globe. eClerx, recognised as one of the Top 50 Firms in India for Data Scientists To Work For in 2021, has been the partner of choice to several Fortune® 500 enterprises. Founded by Anjan Malik and PD Mundhra in 2000, eClerx was also the first KPO to go public and get listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2007. 

In this five-part series, we will be turning the spotlight on eClerx’s Data Sciences and Analytics (DSA) Programme, which is at the forefront of helping businesses build and scale well-articulated data, analytics and AI strategy to deliver transformational business outcomes. 

One-Stop-Shop For Data Science & Analytics

While consulting firms fall short on the data and execution tactics, boutique data-science firms overlook implementation and ROI enablement. On the other hand, agencies lack advanced intelligence, whereas tech companies entirely neglect the problem-solving aspect. eClerx, with its highly customer-centric approach and well-rounded capabilities, brings the best of all worlds to help businesses smartly navigate an ever-evolving and complex space to deliver pertinent solutions ahead of time. 

Over the years, eClerx’s data management, reporting and web analytics capabilities evolved to business intelligence, cloud data engineering, digital analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  

eClerx has carved out a centralised Data Sciences and Analytics (DSA) Programme, a strong team of 800+ specialists with a global presence and a hybrid delivery model, catering to customers across all industries and geographies to further strengthen its position and provide data-driven solutions. 

Global presence of eClerx’s in-market consulting teams, offshore delivery & regional offices.

Bringing Innovation To The Forefront 

DSA works closely with niche and mainstream clients in their data science transformation journeys in order to improve their decision-making capabilities. Whether developing a data strategy, managing messy data, implementing predictive analytics models, prototyping first-of-its-kind innovative AI/ML solutions or setting up a seamless self-serve BI suite, eClerx has the entire gamut of solutions. “As the problems evolved, the way we solve them has also evolved, and eClerx is at the forefront of this change, pioneering all things data”, the company stated. 

It all began in 2005-06, when eClerx developed expertise in Digital Analytics, Tag Management and A/B Testing /Multivariate Testing, and Experiments Design, currently known as martech enablement. Around the same time, it also acquired a firm to strengthen its foothold into the Business Intelligence space specialising in delivering descriptive and prescriptive analytics. The firm also pioneered solutions that enabled enterprises to track online conversations about their products — becoming a forerunner in social media and Sentiment Analytics when social media itself was new and trying to gain adoption. eClerx also set up scalable BI and Analytics solutions catering to business leaders across marketing, sales, and customer-focused functions. 

Over the last 15 years, a culture of innovation, early adoption and entrepreneurship have allowed the company to continue pushing the envelope and transforming itself by developing customised and first-of-its-kind solutions in Digital Analytics, Big Data Engineering, Data Science Machine Learning, NLP, AI space. In a true modern-problems-require-modern-solutions spirit, eClerx leverages the latest technologies to develop solutions to tackle seemingly intractable business problems. 

Today, eClerx brings best-in-class Data Science and Analytics solutions to the fore, without shifting the focus away from problem-solving to deliver value across five key areas —

Overview of eClerx’s range of Data Science & Analytics Service Areas

Pushing The Envelope

Considering a dynamic data analytics strategy has become imperative for businesses to sustain in this highly volatile market, eClerx employs its indigenous problem-solving framework, best-of-breed practices and proven operations controls & measures to deliver the best-in-class experience to its clients. 

What also differentiates eClerx is its extensive portfolio of services around Data Operations, Campaign Management, SEO, SEM, Advertising Operations and Digital Content Creation and Management, among other areas, which makes it an end-to-end partner for executing and implementing business recommendations derived through analytics, thus unlocking ROI for its customers. 

A Game Changer In The Age Of Analytics

Weighing in DSA’s position and calibre, the journey ahead looks far more exciting and promising, where eClerx is looking to elevate and transform the data science and analytics practice to the next level. 

The organisation’s strong belief is that Analytics should be delivered at speed and scale. So it has combined the best of human and machine intelligence to build customisable shell platforms that transcend the rigidity of traditional product mindsets and bring productization to data science. However, that’s one aspect of the bigger picture. Its army of consultants works with CxOs of Fortune® 500 / 1000 firms to create Analytics Transformation Roadmaps for these organisations by conducting stakeholder interviews, maturity assessments and industry benchmarking with research & innovation powered by its Analytics Centre of Excellence. 

Driven by its hybrid global delivery model, eClerx is poised to enable cost-effective, scalable and transformation journeys for large global enterprises to drive the next wave of growth through data science and analytics. 

Up Next

In the next article, we shall explore how eClerx, which was placed third in our “Learning & Support” category, fosters a culture of learning and development for its highly diverse talent groups by building an extensive knowledge infrastructure.

Watch out for details into how DSA propagates knowledge sharing through an active community of practice – enabling a cross-section of teams to converge and share discoveries and learnings from real-world business problems in addition to discussing the latest market and domain trends and developments.

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