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Demystifying AI & ML: Get A Glimpse Into The Future With This Workshop By IIIT-H

Demystifying AI & ML: Get A Glimpse Into The Future With This Workshop By IIIT-H

demystifying ai and ml

Most humans fall into one or the other category: those of us who believe in the Terminator narrative, and those of us who believe in Her. For the ones who haven’t been following the Zuck Vs Musk debate, there are many among us who believe that technology will one day overtake humans and therefore, the earth. Major film production houses, novelists and fiction writers have been mulling over the future of emerging tech, especially artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Register here: Demystifying AI and ML workshop @ 23 Nov 2019, Bengaluru

Picturesque narratives aside, AI and ML have already impacted the quality of lives for humans in very positive manners. From smart devices to advancements in medicine and governance, smart technology has become a crucial part of any modern enterprise. AI brings specific value in spotting patterns of health risks, predicting supply chain optimisations, consumer behaviour analytics, manufacturing quality evaluation, natural language chat conversation with computers, autonomous driving solutions and many more.

A Union Of Academia & Industry

To discuss and understand what comes next in this vibrant and constantly-evolving field noted Indian researchers from one of India’s top AI research labs are coming together to demystify these concepts on 23 Nov 2019 in Bengaluru.

Register here: Demystifying AI and ML workshop @ 23 Nov 2019, Bengaluru

In the one-day workshop titled Demystifying AI and ML, celebrated educators from the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) are set to talk about artificial intelligence, its use cases and the upcoming trends that we can expect to see in the upcoming decade.

Dr CV Jawahar, Dean, R&D at IIIT-H, Dr Anoop Namboodiri, associate professor, Centre for Visual Information and Technology, IIIT-H and Dr Manish Shrivastava, assistant professor, Language Technology Research Centre at IIIT-H will be holding sessions on varied and interesting topics like Perceptions in AI, AI in Sports and Role of Language as Interface, among others.

Register here: Demystifying AI and ML workshop @ 23 Nov 2019, Bengaluru

The workshop will see the audiences interact with senior faculty from India’s leading AI research group. The participants will also understand and experience how to build an AI solution with support from research teams.

The Demystifying AI and ML workshop will have a major focus on learnings such as:

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  • An understanding of the state of the art in AI/ML
  • Networking with the best minds behind the research and education of AI/ML
  • Appreciation of the nature of the adoption of AI by businesses
  • Understanding the readiness of professionals to embrace the numerous facets of AI
  • Mastering AI/ML to initiate and lead projects in your company
  • Interacting with current and future leaders of AI

Who Should Attend This Workshop?

The workshop Demystifying AI and ML is set to offer unmatchable content, invaluable advice and mentoring while offering peer-to-peer networking opportunities and presentation material. It will provide a forum for networking, expert researchers and real-world use-cases with which one can share insights and experiences. If you fall into one of the following categories, you will get the most out of the workshop:

  • Developers who want to understand the systems and architecture of AI applications
  • Managers who want to lead and drive AI initiatives in their organisations
  • Industry leaders who want to understand the potential AI holds for their domains
  • Researchers who want to understand the trends and areas of research

Register here: Demystifying AI and ML workshop @ 23 Nov 2019, Bengaluru

Pioneers In Research

IIIT Hyderabad is one of the most respected educational and research establishments in India. With their learning system designed around research centres and labs as opposed to schools and departments, IIIT-H has been pioneering in cutting-edge research. Each learning centre focuses on a broad problem area and brings together experts with varied backgrounds to conduct research and development on specific aspects of that problem area, constantly pushing the science to the next level.

This workshop Demystifying AI and ML is powered by edtech platform TalentSprint, which brings transformational learning programs to young as well as experienced professionals. Their digital platform offers a hybrid onsite and online experience to seekers of deep tech expertise. 

Registration Details

Date: 23 Nov 2019
Venue: The Citadel Hotel
City: Bengaluru
Time: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Fee: ₹5,000 + GST
Buy tickets here.

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