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How UiPath and Blue Prism Are Helping Healthcare Companies Tackle COVID-19 Using RPA

How UiPath and Blue Prism Are Helping Healthcare Companies Tackle COVID-19 Using RPA


Here, we will have a look at what UiPath and Blue Prism are doing to tackle COVID-19 for their clients and other businesses using robotic process automation (RPA).

Companies across the globe are turning to automation to grow and become faster and more agile in light of greater demand and evolving conditions. From handling large volumes of testing results to maintaining the higher needs in call centres to enabling a remote workforce, businesses are beginning to understand the advantages of automating.

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To support companies amid COVID-19, leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software companies are providing services, which expedite critical processes and free up healthcare workers to focus on critical tasks, rather than spend time on documentation work.

As the COVID-19 pandemic advances, businesses and healthcare organizations around the globe are undergoing severe difficulties, from hospital backlogs to pressure from growing demands to business continuity hurdles. RPA is offering support during such challenges and is already being deployed by hundreds of companies.

With RPA tools, enterprises are capturing automation ideas from their teams to create an automation pipeline that would establish transformative and evolving staff requirements, mainly as they operate remotely. RPA can be used to manage high volumes of testing requests, reduce wait time for testing requests, execute orders for essentials faster, maintain heightened demands in call centres, and facilitate a remote workforce.

Here, we will have a look at what UiPath and Blue Prism are doing to tackle COVID-19 for their clients and other businesses using RPA.

UiPath Has Deployed 30 COVID-19 Uses Cases For Clients

UiPath has been leading the charge when it comes to helping companies automate business processes to deal with the pandemic. Companies across different industries, including healthcare, insurance, banking, e-commerce, government, and logistics, are using UiPath’s software robots to manage the inrush of demands. For example, UiPath’s RPA robot process orders and inserts them into an SAP system to dispatch the order to the manufacturing units in a quick manner.

This covers UiPath Task Capture to register tasks and record processes. In the last 21 days, UiPath has accumulated 30 COVID-19 use cases and confirmed over 100 new customers to use UiPath Automation Hub that involves remote staff members. The RPA company is also providing its Automation Hub for free to enterprise customers and other prospects for a year. 

The Mater Hospital in Dublin is utilising UiPath’s attended bots to process COVID-19 testing kits in a small amount of time. The hospital not only gets patients’ results in real-time but also significantly decreases the organizational stress put upon its Infection Prevention & Control Department. By providing a robot to each nurse, the unit saves 3 hours per day, so that healthcare staff can contribute more time looking after patients rather than finishing paperwork.

Healthcare workers are exhausting hours on administrative work to add new patients correctly, document patient data, and report the same to the CDC. To assist with this process, one of the biggest hospitals in the US immediately deployed a UiPath attended robot. As a result, hospital backlogs have decreased, and eight to nine minutes per patient are saved. According to UiPath, its attended robot can log an entire testing transaction in 15 seconds, decreased from 2.5 minutes for a human, which drastically reduces wait times.

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Blue Prism’s Digital Workers Support The National Health Service

Similar to UiPath, Blue Prism is also helping organizations tackle challenges brought on by COVID-19 using its robotic process automation products. 

The National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is adopting Digital Workers from Blue Prism to automate the updating of a central dashboard used to track COVID-19 in jails across the UK. The dashboards give access and clarity on essential data, to help medical staff observe and manage patients within the prison system. Digital Workers mimic humans to complete the processes faster, clearing up workforce ability for other tasks, reducing response time on critical tasks, and enhancing the overall inmate care. 

To carry out the identification of COVID-19-like health cases in London, NHS is collaborating with Blue Prism to facilitate the distribution of respiratory data over various healthcare firms. By using simple automation with Blue Prism Digital Workers, coupled with analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI, NHS is presently better-equipped to recognise and manage critical cases.

Operating as a component of the NHS’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Back Office drive, Blue Prism Digital Workers are enabling automation of several managerial tasks and processes, so that patients experience the best and most effective care.

With the objective of eliminating difficulties its clients may face, Blue Prism has introduced the Blue Prism COVID-19 Response Program, where it is helping with Digital Workers and process automation resources to companies impacted by COVID-19 to maintain critical business continuity.

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