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IIT Delhi Aims For Global Excellence, Advances Research In AI

IIT Delhi Aims For Global Excellence, Advances Research In AI

After winning the Institute of Eminence tag last year, IIT Delhi now hopes to increase its research and development capabilities in the coming years to further solidify its position in R&D.

With the IoE tag, the government will grant 1,000 crore over the course of the next year. Meanwhile, IIT Delhi hopes to raise as much 500 crore as external R&D funding.

Even though the institute has raised 400 crore in the last two years for R&D funding, it now hopes to put more focus on areas that are industry focused or larger issues that could help the society. Thus, by the increased focus to lead a good quality R&D, it hopes to turn itself into a world-class educational institute.

As per the latest report, IIT Delhi presently has 500 on-going research. Speaking about the development, B R Mehta, R&D Dean, IIT Delhi said, “The R&D activity of IIT-D has shown huge growth in the last two years because of the focus on research in thematic areas of interest. As a result, all the research projects that we undertake are now either driven by industry or by what the society needs.”

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In order to bolster research capabilities, in April the institute announced that it will backup startups working in the field of AI, ML and other emerging tech areas to boost its research ecosystem. Stating that there aren’t enough deep-tech startups in the country, the institute announced that it will rope-in startups in the field for the purpose of connected intelligent systems, mixed reality, advanced materials, drug discovery and medical research. By doing so, the institute aims to increase the research.

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