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JuliaCon 2020 Is Live And Virtual

JuliaCon 2020 Is Live And Virtual

JuliaCon 2020 is live and has gone virtual this year. While the workshops have started from 24th July and will be conducted till 28th July, the talks will begin from 29th July till 31st July. JuliaCon has made the attendance free for all the attendees, and they will be only required to register for the event before attending it. 

Developers across the globe can make the most of the conference, which has since last few years presented the attendees with content ranging from introductory to advanced research across industry and academia. 

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The workshop will allow attendees to deep-dive into a particular Julia package or subsystem while also allowing them to indulge in conference talks including keynote talks. 

The conference will also host a hackathon which will give a chance to developers to hang out with Julia developers to collaborate on your favourite Julia projects. 

Some of the other features at the event will include a virtual booth where attendees can connect with Julia computing experts to know more about Julia’s speed, power and ease of use to improve productivity and more. It will also include demonstrations about the various new features that it is bringing this year. 

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Julia language has fast grown into one of the most popular languages across the developer community. It has gained prominence in scientific computing as well as machine learning since 2012. It has a growing community including developers, academic researchers, data scientists and more. 

The conference provides an excellent opportunity for Julia developers across the globe to connect, especially when it has gone virtual and can be accessed from the comfort of the homes.

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