Looking for a break in AI & ML? These companies are offering internships

In the wake of soaring demand, these companies have opened up internship opportunities for freshers.
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A lot of tech companies are in the market for AI, ML and data science professionals. In the wake of soaring demand, these companies have opened up internship opportunities for freshers.

In this article, we cover some recent internship opportunities in ML/data science. In case, you are looking for full-time opportunities, please refer here.

Also, if you are hiring data scientists, please refer here.

Below, we have compiled a list of top internships in India.

Skit.ai – (Machine Learning Intern, Core ML) – Bengaluru

Earlier known as Vernacular.ai, the SaaS-based AI-voice automation platform provides speech and language solutions in the form of virtual assistants and chatbots to help companies automate their contact centre operations.

Skit caters to variety of enterprise clients across diverse sectors such as BFSI, F&B, Hospitality, Consumer Electronics and Travel & Tourism, including prominent clients like Axis Bank, Hathway, Porter and Barbeque Nation.

The internship lasts from 2-5 months and involves working closely with the research team to:

  •  Design, build and evaluate machine learning systems.
  •  Perform experiments and statistical analyses to draw conclusions and take modeling decisions.
  •  Study, implement and extend state of the art systems.

Apply here.

Intel – (Graduate Intern Technical – Application, AI/ML) – Bengaluru

Intel is a leading semiconductor manufacturing company that provides end-to-end integrated digital technology solutions. 

The internship at Intel involves working with a global team of engineers within IOTG Software and Systems Group, and developing applications, tools, and AI/ML solutions. The applicants must have a masters degree in computer science, IT or equivalent streams with familiarity in OOP’s concepts and design patterns. 

Apply here

Amazon – (Data scientist intern) – Bengaluru

Amazon.inc is one of the largest US companies focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, etc.

Interning at amazon entails optimising complex logistical systems, identifying business-related problems and coming up with novel solutions, using data analysis to find new opportunities and collaborating with multiple teams to develop innovative solutions with data. 

To apply for this role, you need a master’s degree from a top tier tech school, experience in R/SAS/Matlab and SQL and a passion for big data.

Apply here

Hackerearth – (ML & DS – Technical Content Engineer – Intern)

HackerEarth is an AI-powered developer assessment software that helps companies to accurately measure a developer’s skills through online coding tests.

The internship at HackerEarth involves creating and reviewing ML and data science questions revolving around HackerEarth’s libraries, hackathons, hiring processes, monthly challenges and articles on tech. 

To applicant must be fluent in Python and R, have in-depth knowledge of ML algorithms and statistics, and hands-on experience in building deep learning models, etc.

Apply here

Locus – (Data science intern) – Bengaluru

Locus is an up and coming technology platform that uses ML algorithms to automate complex supply chain solutions. 

The intern is expected to do Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), design and implement models using feature engineering, statistical modeling, and ML techniques. The job also requires building PoCs for different ML-driven product use-cases. To apply for this role, you must have good Python skills, exposure to libraries like Pandas, matplotlib, nltk, numpy, sklearn, etc.

Apply here.

SHL – (AI research intern) – Gurgaon

SHL AI team builds ML/AI solutions for talent assessments and management. The team has made a significant and consistent business impact over the past several years and published multiple research papers in top AI conferences including SIG-KDD, and AAAI.

Interning at SHL involves collaborating with the AI team on cutting-edge AI/ML problems in computer vision, natural language processing, and audio/speech processing. To apply for this position, you must have strong programming skills, preferably in Python. You should also have experience working on AI/ML either as an intern or through projects.

Apply here.

Merkle Sokrati – (Data science-analyst intern) – Pune

Merkle | Sokrati is one of the leading digital marketing and analytics company that manages digital marketing campaigns of big Indian brands.

The role involves using statistical methods to analyse data and generate useful business reports, providing actionable insights to improve business processes, create AI&ML models to solve complex business problems, etc. To apply for this position, the candidate should know R, Python, SAS, etc; know how to write SQL queries; perform cohort analysis and comparative analysis; and be adept in using visualization tools (Tableau/Power BI etc.).

Apply here

Icertis – ( Intern – AI/ML) 

Icertis is an American software firm that offers contract lifecycle management software to enterprise businesses. The AI-powered, analyst-validated Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform turns contracts from static documents into strategic advantage by structuring and connecting the critical contract information that defines how an organisation runs.

The interns should know basic Python code, how to troubleshoot errors and create different models for business use cases. 

To apply, you must have knowledge of Python/R programming and be familiar with predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

Apply here.

Amazon India Development Centre – (Data Science Intern) – Bengaluru

ADCI is the innovation vertical of India under Amazon, specialising in the field of complex logistics systems, operations research, and process control. The intern’s job entails working with development teams to use data analyses and statistical techniques to develop solutions to improve customer experience and guide business decision making.

The applicants must have or be pursuing a master’s degree in computer science, IT or similar disciplines. You should also be experienced in R/SAS/Matlab and SQL, have problem-solving ability and a passion for big data.

Apply here.

Instasafe – (ML intern) – Bengaluru

InstaSafe develops state-of-the-art Security-as-a-Service platforms and makes it simple and easy for enterprise mobile & remote workers to securely access enterprise apps, email and web on a SaaS model. 

The interns are expected to: develop and implement a cutting edge security system, taking complicated problems and building simple frameworks; work with ML/AI in Java/Python; contribute to developing strategies and software; create best-practice reports based on data mining, analysis, and visualization; be fluent in data structure & algorithms.

Apply here

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