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Nominations Open for AIM’s Best Indian Firms For Data Scientists To Work In 2021

Nominations Open for AIM’s Best Indian Firms For Data Scientists To Work In 2021

  • Starting this year, we have made a concerted effort to recognise and understand in detail what goes into the making of a good work culture at data science firms.

For the last two years, Analytics India Magazine has curated a list of the best firms for data scientists to work in India. The list provides insightful data on India-based firms that offer a conducive environment for data scientists to learn and grow. Last year, we focused on work culture, support, attrition rate, exposure, internal growth trajectory, etc as criteria.

However, this year, we are expanding the scope of parameters to generate an extensive list of 50 best places for data scientists to thrive. We are reaching out to hundreds of employers across India to understand the inner workings of organisations in creating an exemplary work environment for data scientists. The survey will assess each company’s strengths and benefits such as health insurance, training and development, compensation and paid time off. 

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Criteria And Parameters

The survey aims to collect data points on what it means to be a great data science employer and extract insights into the best practices followed by the top companies for the benefit of the larger community. The listing is not an identifier of one particular metric or standard but is defined by a set of characteristics of a firm, such as benefits, employee welfare programmes, trust, career growth and rapport (both inside and outside of work).

The criteria runs the gamut from revenue growth to employee retention and employee engagement to employee growth. Starting this year, we have made a concerted effort to recognise and understand in detail what goes into the making of a good work culture at data science firms.

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The parameters include:

Learning and support: Covers various aspects of learning and development such as mandatory hours for training and upskilling, infrastructure data scientists can take advantage of, external engagements like hackathons, mentoring programs and more. 

Benefits and well being: Assess health insurance benefits, number of annual paid leaves, flexi-benefits such as work from home, mandatory time offs in a year, among others. 

Productivity and engagement: Covers areas such as average tenure of data scientists at an organisation, annual attrition rate, growth in analytics team in the last one year, new hire failure rate, recruitment via employee referrals, COVID-specific initiatives taken by the company to keep the employees engaged and increase productivity. 

Rewarding excellence: Analyse average median hikes given to data science teams last year, rewards for best performances, feedback loop, team building activities, to name a few. 

Diversity and inclusion: Look at men to women ratio in the data science team, percentage of LGBTQ hires, the percentage of women in senior management and other diversity-related initiatives. 

Why Is The Listing Unique

Many companies have traditionally relied on parameters such as a good business strategy, a profitable business model and a good financial management team to measure success. However, these parameters are no longer sufficient — businesses need to evolve and adapt parameters that benefit employees and customers in the long run.

The AIM’s list of 50 best firms for data scientists to work in India will uncover the best practices and employee-friendly initiatives in the industry to set the gold standard. 

To determine this year’s rankings, we have scored each company on the five components listed above, the data for which will be collected by circulating a survey across companies. 

Why Should Companies Nominate

Hire the best data scientists: Being listed here will offer a window to the company’s work culture, leadership and growth opportunities for the potential data science candidates. The recognition will be a vote of confidence for the current crop of data scientists working at the company.

Motivate employees and create goodwill: The list will help the company to create a lot of goodwill. It also brings pride and joy in the employees to motivate them to be more productive and achieve better results.

Badge of honour: The AIM’s listing of best firms for data scientists to work is an industry benchmark and helps propel the company’s reputation as one of the best employers. 

Analyse what’s working and what’s not: The data collected can help companies understand what is working for their employees and what is not. The list will give insights into the strengths and weaknesses of data science companies and help them take informed decisions to address the gaps. 

Inspire: The list brings out best practices the company has adopted to make it an excellent place to work. It will also push other companies to follow suit. 

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