OpenAI Spoils Users With More Data Control for ChatGPT 

This new update comes against the backdrop of recent incidents of employees leaking sensitive information on ChatGPT.
OpenAI Spoils Users With More Data Control for ChatGPT
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Amid rising concerns around data misuse, OpenAI today announced a new feature that lets users turn off chat history in ChatGPT. The company also announced its plans to launch ChatGPT Business in the coming months. 

OpenAI, in its blog post, said that conversations that are initiated when chat history is disabled won’t be used to train and improve their models, and will not appear in the history sidebar. 

Further, it said when the chat history is disabled, OpenAI will retain new conversations for 30 days and review them only when needed to monitor for abuse, before deleting them permanently. 

These controls, which are rolling out to all users starting today, can be found in ChatGPT’s settings and can be changed at any time. We hope this provides an easier way to manage your data than our existing opt-out process. 

This new update comes against the backdrop of recent incidents of employees leaking sensitive information on ChatGPT. For instance, a Samsung employee leaked critical information while using ChatGPT to correct errors in their source code. The company even cautioned its employees against using the chatbot. 

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Besides Samsung, many organisations in the last few weeks have instructed employees to strictly not use ChatGPT due to risk confined to intentional leaks or cyber breaches, that could stem from the usage of such tools. 

OpenAI said that it is also working on a new ChatGPT Business subscription for professionals who need more control over their data as well as enterprise looking to manage their end users. “ChatGPT Business will follow our API’s data usage policies,” said the company, stating that end users’ data will not be used to train their model by default. 

Lastly, OpenAI has also released a new export option in settings, where users get to export their ChatGPT data and understand what information ChatGPT can store. “You’ll receive a file with your conversations and all other relevant data in email.”  

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Tasmia Ansari
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