This AI Marketing Tool Is Taking Companies Through Digital Transformation Journey Amid Pandemic

Incorporating the power of big data, machine learning, applied propensity models, predictive analysis and other AI applications, the 2016-founded ADOHM has taken the marketing technology space to the next level. The marketing automation platform is especially gaining popularity amid pandemic, as most businesses have started leaning towards digital marketing to offset the negative impact

As digital marketing is becoming more crucial than ever, ADOHM helps companies simplify marketing with its automation solutions and offers an end-to-end solution for all digital marketing needs of brands and businesses. With a strong team of coders, engineers, data scientists and marketers, the company is delivering highly personalised communication across multiple devices and channels. The platform is built using AI from the ground up and requires little or no human intervention for the execution across various platforms including mobile, social, video and display.

Led by the CEO and co-founder Kuldeep Chaudhary along with his brothers Sandeep and Nishant, he has taken ADOHM to great heights in a short span of time. Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Kuldeep to get a detailed insight into the company and how they are driving AI-led digital transformation amid the pandemic, which has seen an increase in traction from the India, UK and US markets. 

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How are digital transformation and digital marketing gaining traction amid the COVID pandemic?

The pandemic has definitely changed companies attitudes towards digital marketing and has become the need of the hour. Forced to stay indoors, people spend a lot more time on the internet, and it has become easier for marketers to attract their attention through display ads, emailers and social media campaigns.      

How is ADOHM facilitating this digital transformation journey with AI? How is AI crucial to it?

ADOHM uses big data and machine learning techniques and other AI applications to deliver highly personalised communication across multiple devices and channels. AI is undoubtedly very crucial to the digital transformation journey as AI automates the workflow helping customers be more efficient while also saving time. AI also helps our customers save huge costs in advertising by identifying the wastage and stopping the non-performing ads immediately.  

How does the company bring about automation and in what kind of processes and workflows?

ADOHM’s marketing automation software helps companies identify the most valuable prospects and hold their hand throughout the journey across different channels. It helps in nurturing their knowledge about their product, and in the process, guiding them to take the correct action to close more business. ADOHM’s automation is an effortless drag and drop system which can be customised to from running digital ads to send customised communication to prospective customers. It’s also a fantastic tool to show customers that a company cares for its clients on every journey of their sales cycle.

How does the company use AI? Please explain in detail.

ADOHM is an entirely autonomous machine, built from AI, that requires little or no human intervention. It can execute seamlessly across different paid channels, including mobile, social, video and display. ADOHM’s unique AI engine is connected to the inbuilt CRM system. AI engine optimises the ads for you on multiple channels like Facebook, Google and other platforms. Since the sales and marketing are interconnected the AI engine autonomously optimises the marketing campaigns based on the customers who you can convert for your business.

It also shuts down the non-performing ads. We have our own DMP system based on Neo4J to track every user journey on your website and even map the different routes they take to covert. We track it all, and we show our clients how exactly they are getting their clients. It’s the game changer! We use various tools such as ViewJS, React Native, Python, NodeJS, Neo4J.

Please highlight a use case where companies have used ADOHM’s AI-based solutions.  

CONCORDE Group is a reputed name among property seekers, and they rely significantly on digital campaigns for lead generation. For every project, they have maintained very specific performance goals within certain pre-decided marketing spend. For the Napa Valley project, the CPL was high invariably, and the conversion rate was also low. There was a rising concern to relook at their campaign strategy and maximise the advertising budget.

ADOHM’s AI monitored Concorde’s ad performance 24/7 and shuffled budgets toward channels that are performing better than others, effectively lowering CPL. Spreading the budget throughout multiple channels places ensured that the project was shown to a more significant number of target people, which in turn increased the enquiries by active property buyers.

What are some of the AI-based trends that you see emerging in the post COVID world?

There have been a lot of AI-based trends that have shown up in multiple fields, but in marketing, I am very much impressed by the deep fake. This will be a significant game-changer in the field of media and advertising.

What is the roadmap for the company down the line?

We are heavily focusing on our international growth. The market seems to be very promising as the problem seems to be the same across the globe. We are also heavily focusing on retaining clients and growing our support to an international level, supporting multiple languages.

Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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