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Why Cypher Is India’s Top AI & Analytics Conference

Why Cypher Is India’s Top AI & Analytics Conference

We do not claim that Cypher is India’s leading AI and analytics conference for no reason. In its fifth edition, Cypher has evolved to be one of the most sought after events amongst the analytics fraternity. Bringing professionals from all walks of the emerging tech, the 3-day event is an excellent platform for analytics consumers, service providers, education providers and others to come on a single platform. Here we bring the reasons why Cypher is one of the top AI and analytics conferences in India: 

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The Range Of Talks And Discussions Is Unparalleled: Cypher is definitely one of the most definitive representations of analytics and AI ecosystem in India. This summit promises 100+ speakers, 80+ talks, and participation from 400+ organisations and 700+ professionals. Cypher hosts a range of talks from keynotes to knowledge talks and panel discussions across three days. These high-quality and engaging sessions offer discussions and subject matter expertise for all participants. 

It Hosts The Best Speakers For The Analytics Enthusiasts To Invest In: The diverse line-up of speakers is one of the best in the industry. There are more than 100 speakers from various industries who bring their expertise from their respective domains. With a content generation of more than 150 hours, Cypher can be counted as one of the best AI conferences in the country. 

In-Depth Use Cases And Workshops: The workshops and talks at Cypher are highly use-cases driven and they help participants to see the trends and applications in real-time. The exclusive workshops are conducted by industry experts that give the best hands-on exposure to real-world problem statements of the analytics world. These are intensive, knowledge-driven workshops that are very well-received by the participants.

Cypher Provides Networking Opportunities Like No Other Conference: With a wide spectrum of audience across three days, there are ample opportunities at Cypher to connect with industry peers on businesses, latest technologies and trends. Cypher also provides a closed-door round table conference for participants to divulge into specific talks with specific company and industry. 

Opportunity For Career-Driven Discussions With The Industry Experts: Through its session called Power 1-0-1, Cypher 2019 will provide an opportunity to bring about better adoption of AI. We believe that every person has unique problems and hurdles they are facing in their data science journey. We want to inspire and mentor some individuals personally at this edition of Cypher. As a part of this session, individual aspirants can have 15-minute face-to-face conversations with industry stalwarts to seek personal mentoring on situations and difficulties that are unique to them.

Felicitating The Best In The Industry: Cypher also hosts the Great Learning Data Science Awards to recognise the best in the data science world today in India. This year we have introduced new award categories that celebrate creative, commercial solutions and innovation. Some of the categories under the awards are emerging data science startup, data science project of the year, data science for social good, among others. 

AI.Q, The Trivia Quiz: It is unlikely in any other data science and AI conference to see a quiz being conducted for aspirants relevant to the industry. In this highly engaging competition, four teams will fight with each other for a cash prize of up to ₹60,000. This second edition of the quiz is well received by the industry and is definitely one of the things to look forward to at Cypher. 

Exhibit Stalls: There will be a lot of opportunities for attendees to meet AI and data science companies first-hand with their amazing exhibit stalls at the conference. It will allow attendees to get first-hand exposure to newly launched data science and AI products, further helping to get better industry insights. 

Full Of Fun-Filled Activities: Not just the high-impact sessions but Cypher 2019 will bring a lot of fun-filled activities for the participants to delve into. From the light-hearted comedy show on the corporate culture by Rahul Subramanian to after-party with Girish and The Chronicles, Cypher promises a lot of fun stuff. There will also be a lot of smaller competitions throughout the three days to keep participants engaged in a fun way!

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