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Why SkillUp 2021 Is A Must-Attend For Data Science Aspirants

Why SkillUp 2021 Is A Must-Attend For Data Science Aspirants

  • Organised by Analytics India Magazine, SkillUp 2021 is a disruptive next-gen conference showcasing various data science courses from across the world.

India’s largest virtual education fair, SkillUp 2021, will open on April 22, 2021. Major institutes and universities across the world will present their courses and certificate programs in this two-day fair. Moreover, SkillUp 2021 will have informative sessions on various graduate programs and data science certificates offered by premier institutes and leading industry players worldwide.

Organised by Analytics India Magazine, SkillUp 2021 is a disruptive next-gen conference showcasing various courses, including M.Tech CSE With Specialisation in Data Science, Master Of Business Administration (Data Sciences & Data Analytics), Bachelor of Technology/Science in Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s Program, MBA In Business Analytics, Bachelor of Data Science and more. 

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Below, we have listed down a few reasons to attend SkillUp 2021.

A complete guide to data science career

The two-day event will allow attendees to connect virtually with the experts and facilitate one-on-one interactions with the top data science education providers to find out more about the scope of data science as a career. SkillUp will help you discover data science opportunities and present all the information needed at one place, including certifications, part-time and full-time courses, scholarships, success stories of the alumni, placement opportunities etc. In other words, you can get a detailed prospectus on the data science courses offered by various institutes and a comprehensive view of the industry to help you pick a course that suits you best. 

Informative sessions

At SkillUp, attendees will get to interact in a virtual setting with the representatives of several colleges, institutes, and universities. The education fair will have more than 20 hours of informative sessions, data science workshops, virtual exhibit booths, knowledge talks, quizzes and more.

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Personal counselling sessions

SkillUp 2021 has arranged personal counselling sessions to discuss the courses in detail. The attendees can get in-depth information on various programs, eligibility criteria, scholarships and career opportunities. 

The education fair offers actionable insights into program features, curriculum, benefits, capstone projects, faculty credentials, job opportunities and more. SkillUp is an excellent opportunity to understand the latest data science and AI offerings by top organisations and companies. 

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Expert evaluation

SkillUp 2021 is a complete package designed to deliver value to all its attendees. As part of the virtual event, the designated experts will assess your profile to help you choose the right courses based on your academic records, interests, and budget. 

Network with the data science community

The education fair is expected to attract over 3,000 prospective learners and professionals looking to upskill and get certification in the field of analytics and data science. With thousands of people attending, SkillUp 2021 will give you an opportunity to network with the leading industry experts and rub shoulders with like-minded people. Being the first-of-its-kind online education fair, SkillUp 2021 will be the best platform for attendees to make connections that will benefit them in the long term. 

Explore hiring opportunities

Apart from talks, workshops and discussions, SkillUp will provide organisations with an opportunity to get in touch with the talent pool. The virtual fair will allow professionals and data science aspirants to interact with leading companies’ representatives and even make their cases for getting hired.

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