10 Leading Analytics Products From India That Made It Big

As the analytics industry is touching every sector, there has been a rise in analytics product providers from India, who with their innovative products are working on easing down various processes for these industries. Visualization, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, machine learning are some of the areas that the companies are exploring to come out with unique analytics products. From start-ups to big firms, there are many companies from India bestowing products in this space. Analytics India Magazine brings to you 10 such products from India that made it big over the years.

So here’s the list in alphabetical order.


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1| Buddy by Sapience

Sapience is an innovative People Analytics @ Work solution. At the individual level, it empowers users to own their productivity and wellness through mindful work. At the enterprise level, managers and CxOs get accurate Workload Pattern and Capacity Utilization insights across every business dimension of interest, enabling them to align their talent pool to strategic needs. With its products, Sapience is helping over 100,000 users at 70+ enterprises across 12+ countries to move the needle on employee engagement, employee wellness, organization productivity and business profitability.

Sapience Buddy brings amazing features to manage time by setting goals, getting automated updates and by bringing personal assistance to keep you on track. Whereas with Sapience Enterprise, it ensures employee engagement, wellness, productivity and profitability.


2| Capillary Analytics by Capillary Technologies

Capillary Analytics, a self-serve BI tool helps over 200 organisations across the globe to embrace the power of analytics for daily decision making. The platform makes it very easy to get started by providing out of the box ETL and BI solutions to collect, link, clean, transform and visualise data.

The Omni-channel data—offline stores, online stores, digital campaigns, CRM etc. that flows to the system allows to drill downs on all dimensions, thereby helping businesses make critical decisions more efficiently. In-memory big data technology combined with powerful visualisation provide insights in seconds fuelling business growth. Its powerful web interface, with simplistic UI helps in solving the most complex data problems effortlessly. Its multi-platform mobile app helps in getting data and insights on the go.

The product has an AI based Automated Insights System that keeps a watch on the business, identifies problem areas and recommends campaigns and a ML based Product Recommendation Engine that combines online and offline data to provide the most accurate product recommendations across all channels.

3| Gramex by Gramener

Gramex is a visual intelligence platform that helps organizations and clients analyse data and consume insights. The platform is a pure custom-built, with the bulk of the code written in Python and leverages the analytical libraries optimized for speed, coupled with visual libraries optimized for best-in-class data visualizations.

The in-built data connectors source data from a variety of files, databases or third-party systems that provide APIs to pull in data. Its component libraries are a collection of components that provide visualisation and analytics support, whereas analytics library provides support similar to R or SAS but with a business focus. Third party analytics systems such as R, Hadoop, SAS, etc. can be integrated directly to leverage existing workflows.

Visualization library helps transform the analysed (or raw) data into pictorial representations with third party visualisation libraries such as D3, Three.js, etc. included with data & analytics integration. It is also available for several other libraries such as Raphael, Circos, etc. To ensure security, the application is not designed to persist any data and all computations happen in-memory.


4| HealthWorks by TEG Analytics

TEG’s HealthWorks, a solution powered by publicly available healthcare data and machine learning algorithms, helps payers predict in-market performance within five business days from the release of plans. With such an unduly advantage, payers can make reallocations into their marketing plan.

It reads the entire industry landscape to understand the competitiveness of the products. The process involves exhaustive data preparation, a judicious mix of traditional and advanced machine learning techniques and visual analytics. HealthWorksTM platform is cloud based, that provides access to multiple business users across the insurer’s organization and help them make their own decisions through a self-serve interface.

HealthWorksTM is used by finance, product, and marketing teams to reallocate the marketing spends based on their predicted potential in each of the markets.


5| LiquiData Platform by Nanobi

Nanobi liquiData Platform is a full stack analytics platform created with agility and simplicity in mind, allowing organizations to create and launch analytics applications with ease and speed using published REST API interface. The platform allows the development of highly focused and interconnected analytic apps through the concept of Nanomart.

With its REST API architecture and Nanomart paradigm, organizations can start small and then make rapid changes to their applications. Nanobi liquiData comes with a very user-friendly interface and an interactive and visual full-stack platform. The platform can be deployed as a cloud-based tool or installed as an on premise application.

It can be easily embedded and integrated with other systems, thanks to its REST interface. Aside from the streamlined development of analytical applications, it delivers a rich trove of curated data for several industries, giving users that distinctive data-driven competitive edge.


6| Maya by Manthan

Manthan Maya is the world’s first AI-powered conversational agent for business analytics. It enables users to interact with sophisticated enterprise analytics applications as if they were human, using natural language and receive AI-powered insights for decision making on-the-go.

Targeted at CEOs and senior executives, Maya helps them get business insights instantly, whether at home or at their desk easily using a voice interface, instead of relying on a team of data analysts or IT experts. Through a conversation with Maya, a business executive can instantly get data-driven answers to any business questions.

It is the first of its kind and brings paradigm shift in the way users interact with a complex business system. Maya can understand intent, sift through millions of data points, slice, dice, analyse them using sophisticated analytics models and respond with personalized answers based on a user’s role and context in seconds. Under the hood, Maya leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP), Intent Analysis, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to process queries.


7| MECBOT and IntelliDevice by Formcept

A unified data analysis platform, Formcept helps enterprises derive actionable insights from large volumes of external and internal data quickly, thereby, significantly reducing the data-to-decision conversion time. The analytics products by Formcept helps in making of the largely unstructured data from external source, enable smarter decision making, among others.  

MECBOT by Formcept is an Open Cognitive Platform that is transforming the way data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive analytics interact with each other on a near real-time basis. With its semantically harmonized smart data-lake and Dynamic Business Ontology, MECBOT empowers faster insights for mission-critical decisions.

Whereas IntelliDevice activates industrial machines and equipment to send high-velocity data on performance and usage to cloud. Here, MECBOT analyses it to generate quick actionable alerts and event-triggers. With IntelliDevice, they aim to enable industries of tomorrow through interactive and intelligent machines.


8| pi by Progen

‘pi’ is a Next Generation Data Analytics Platform from ProGen that helps users with their data discovery, analytics, and advanced visualization needs. With a variety of new age features that enables users to venture beyond conventional Descriptive Analytics, ‘pi’ helps users explore the realms of diagnostic, predictive, & prescriptive analytics thereby differentiating it from other traditional BI & Visualization tools.

‘pi’ has a state-of-the-art machine learning & recommendations engine that provides users with actionable business insights for pro-active decision-making & also helps in configuring various predictive analytics scenarios.

While conventional data analytics tools focus around displaying growth or de-growth of key metrics in the form of dashboards, visuals, or reports; ‘pi’ raises the bar with help of its proprietary algorithms to automatically identify various influencers that impact the growth or de-growth of key metrics. ‘pi’ also has strong capabilities around What-if Modelling and Simulation Workbenches that helps users perform different types of scenario configurations.

It has a strong customer-base spreading across different Industry verticals. Few business areas where customers have got benefited include: identification of opportunities for revenue growth, business risk identification, identification of potential leakages that can lead to cost savings, and improving customer retention/satisfaction.


9| Sales Decision Engine by BRIDGEi2i

Sales Decision Engine is the AI powered sales enablement suite by BRIDGEi2i that helps transform sales organisations by enabling better visibility, accurate forecasting, actionable insights, and improved effectiveness for sales leaders, sales ops teams, and sales reps. SDE easily integrates with CRM systems and can be customised as per business needs owing to its flexible and scalable architecture. SDE has been featured by Gartner in its Market Guide for SaaS-based predictive analytics applications for B2B sales and marketing.

SDE’s modules leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence and address sales processes across the funnel. Some of it’s key benefits are:

  • Provide complete visibility across customer segments, sales, revenues, and pipelines
  • Deliver accurate and reliable sales predictions
  • Identify opportunities that are most likely to convert
  • Enable sales teams to identify and measure areas that need improvement
  • Suggest strategic interventions to improve their success rate


10| SolarPulse™ and WindPulse™ by Machinepulse

A part of Mahindra Group, MachinePulse™ provides rapidly scalable, end-to-end solutions to enable a smarter industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). They offer complete range of products from industrial grade data acquisition devices to a robust and scalable cloud platform, which can be deployed together or into existing IoT workflows with full flexibility.

SolarPulse™ is MachinePulse’s flagship product which is a comprehensive solar PV asset monitoring and management application, developed for both utility scale and rooftop solar PV plants. Currently on its fourth version, it incorporates advanced monitoring capabilities, predictive analytics and asset management via an easy-to-use interface.

WindPulse™ on the other hand is advanced wind farm analytics solution. It predicts generation, equipment health and helps efficiently manage the entire wind portfolio with an interactive user interface. It uses specialised machine learning algorithms to improve the overall productivity and revenue of wind farms. Both WindPulse™ and  SolarPulse™ is powered by Erixis™, their artificial intelligence engine based on the Internet of Things platform.

Srishti Deoras
Srishti currently works as Associate Editor at Analytics India Magazine. When not covering the analytics news, editing and writing articles, she could be found reading or capturing thoughts into pictures.

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