10 premier Mobile Analytics Tools designed to measure your App performance

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The smartphone fad introduced sometime back has caught up tremendously, to the extent where it displaced personal computers. People prefer using mobile phones over any other device to browse the internet today. Since a major chunk of the population relies on mobile phones and applications, businesses need to comprehend how precisely are customers utilizing the mobile sites. Mobile analytics tools are specifically designed to answer this question.

These tools assist you with obtaining insights about where your customers come from, apps and services they use, opinions hey hold for your website, frequency of visit, and app utilization. There are several mobile analytics tools available in the market this day, which helps you deliver the best-in-class service to our customers. Let’s browse through some of the most unparalleled tools that help you improve the service, while allowing you to monetize your assets more effectively.


Apsalar is essentially a mobile measurement and intelligence tool, helping clients track the effectiveness of a mobile app marketing campaign. This in turn helps the client to better comprehend the mobile app audience. Built in 2010, the tool is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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Apsalar provides analytics across multiple apps in a real-time fashion. The tool integrates customizable dashboard and funnel creation features. The platform also combines a free tool which enables the developer to target specific users when advertising.


The tool is priced considering the number of apps and sessions it tracks, and the particular services it delivers, and is essentially a paid program. The tool tracks the behavior of users, to provide insights about how they use the app. This allows the client to take proactive measures to enhance conversion.

AppSee helps developers to analyze application crashes, besides offering interesting features such as real-time user analytics, monitoring the summary of aggregate data, and more. The tool reflects compatibility for iOS and Android devices.

App Annie

the umber of Mobile Analytics providers have surged over the recent years

Predominantly app-marketplace-based, App Annie provides clients with insights regarding what goes on in the stores, in real time. This is the most scalable tool for identifying opportunities, or enhancing download rates. With App Annie, app polishers can easily track apps’ downloads, revenues, and their ranking and reviews.

It is a good platform for monitoring, visualizing, and analyzing the important trends. App Annie automatically collects app store data, besides safely storing all the historical data. The platform is currently available for iOS, Mac Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore, and has been already utilized by over 250,000 apps.


This mobile analytics platform is essentially a powerful open source platform, integrating a slick interface and robust tracking features. The tool has been designed to work for iOS, Android, WD, and Blackberry. The platform is a remarkable app marketing tool, allowing users to measure the overall effectiveness of an app based on user experiences.

The tool works in real-time, helping clients identify the pros and cons of the app. This in turn facilitates them to tweak user experience to increase goal conversion. The app facilities monitoring of users’ actions inside the mobile application.


Another popular mobile analytics tool, Flurry helps in monetizing and tracking traffic of mobile app. The platform has been utilized by over 170,000 developers to track more than 540,000 apps. Developed in 2005, and currently owned by Yahoo, the tool provides analytics services in real-time for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices.

Furry can furnish basic information regarding device brands and models, carrier information, firmware details, and error reports. It also furnishes customer information comprising of demographics, number of active users, average session lengths, and retention statistics. Moreover, Flurry is completely free, and takes only five minutes for basic integration.

Google Firebase

There are several Mobile Analytics offerings in the market

Google acquired Firebase, an analytics solution provider, back in 2014. The firm expanded Firebase into a unified app platform with support for iOS, Android, and Web Development. The platform essentially provides users with unlimited reporting for up to 500 distinct events, which can be defined using the Firebase SDK. With Google Firebase, users can make informed decisions about app marketing and performance optimizations.

An analytics tool, called “Google Analytics for Developers” is an integrated feature within Firebase. This tool provides data about how applications are being used by an audience, besides allowing clients to view advertising performance. Additionally, Firebase contains a new notification system, which is predominantly based on Google Cloud Messaging.


This tool is bit different from the others as Localytics focuses primarily on goal conversion, furnishing you with a comprehensive visual representation of the app performance. The tool is more useful for a monetization/social sharing optimization campaign, aiding towards goal conversion. The tool integrates personalized messaging and segmentation features, helping clients to boost user engagement.

Localytics supports customization, allowing clients to tailor the software development kit according to user requirements. Currently serving iOS and Android, the tool will be available soon on Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Palm. Localytics serves Fortune 500 companies such as Skype, HBO, Underarmour, etc.


Medialets calls its analytics platform Medialytics, and supplies media rich ads in addition to mobile analytics. The tool delivers features such as custom event reporting to provide clients with information on certain events. The platform additionally combines offline analytics, storing information for the next time the device is connected over the network.

The chief focus of this platform lies on converting ads into dollars. App Store data access, user messaging, and seamless integration of advertising campaign are some of the additional features that the platform delivers.


Mobile Analytics help in driving market strategies

An advanced analytics platform for mobile app, MixPanel tracks users’ behavior by analyzing their actions, rather than pages. The tool analyzes every action taken in an app or website, for say, uploading a picture, playing a video, or sharing a post etc. The tool can link a website and app together for furnishing better overall profile. New account creations, app purchases, upgrades or sharing statistics are some of the important elements MixPanel can track.

Moreover, the platform combines robust demographics tools and retention statistics, to deliver insights surrounding user frequency on an app. The tool is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.  


This is one of the most robust tools available in the market for Mobile app and game analytics. This platform facilitates its client to manage and improve engagement, player acquisition, and monetization; using its flexible tools. The services rendered by this platform include app analytics, business KPIs, tracking of app and user data. It also allows the client to set up their own metrics.

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