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A Day In The Life Of: A Seasoned Products Engineer Who’s Pursuing New Revenue Streams

A Day In The Life Of: A Seasoned Products Engineer Who’s Pursuing New Revenue Streams

In our weekly column ‘A Day In The Life Of’, we are trying to step into the shoes of awesome techies from various organisations and sectors who are working in emerging tech areas like big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things, among others.


This week Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Arvind Gopalakrishnan, VP and Head of Solutions, Products and Sales Engineering at an IoT company, who believes in “quality over quantity” both in his professional and personal life.


Gopalakrishnan is a driven and experienced professional who likes to stay motivated. He gets up at 6 am to enjoy a morning cuppa with his entire family. Even though his work begins at 9.30 am,  Gopalakrishnan logs in early and starts the reviews and discussions a couple of hours early.


Even though Gopalakrishnan is a seasoned techie, he makes sure that he gets his morning workout at least four times a week. But that does not mean he does not know how to have fun. Describing his social life as ‘active’, Gopalakrishnan explains, “I like meeting my old friends every now and then. My colleagues and I often go out for coffee or dinner, as and when time permits.”


When asked about his work, Gopalakrishnan says, “It isn’t news that the internet of things is revolutionising our lives in more ways than one – IoT is everywhere. As a person in a senior position in the company, my profile revolves around the customers and solutions. My work consists of creating strategies, executive management, customer engagement and management, product go-to-market, implementation and rollout of solutions and end-to-end customer life-cycle management. My team is involved in creating and developing go to market connectivity, IoT solution and products.” 


Gopalakrishnan explained that he’s currently working on identifying and generating businesses across medium to large-scale customers in different verticals. “Most of my energy goes in identifying the customers’ solution needs, value and market uptake. As a matter of fact, businesses are slowly transitioning toward the internet of everything (IoE), an unprecedented network connection that encompasses machines, individuals, processes and data that can have a huge impact in our daily lives.” he adds.


When asked about the best part of his workday, Gopalakrishnan replies, “The best part is usually evenings between 5:30 to 7:30 because at that time my office is about to get closed and I can generate innovative ideas without being disturbed.”


When asked about if he feels fulfilled and excited to work with his current employer, Gopalakrishnan says, “Based on previous experience which I have gained in my old organisations and current engagement, Aeris Communications is making best use of my talent which includes customer engagement, business development, innovation, right solution to right customer and market and applying digital technology to business. Having said that, there are always new ideas and concepts which can be brought to life for better optimisation or new revenue stream generation.”


Gopalakrishnan has a vision for the future. “Grow the IoT solution business across different markets for the organisation; become a leader in transforming the market; enhance the customer experience; grow their revenue in a big way and develop sustainable relationships and journeys to take through later part of the life,” he explains. His short-term goal for now is to develop new verticals and solutions and grow revenue for his organisation.

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