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Analytics India Magazine completes four years

Analytics India Magazine completes four years

Bhasker Gupta

4 years back, what started as a vision to evangelize analytics in India has since translated into a passionate platform for everything analytics in India, from keeping readers posted on latest developments to celebrating the Indian analytics ecosystem through events such as the Analytics India Summit – Cypher.

In a short span of four years, we have become one of the most reputed brands online in our field and it couldn’t have been possible without our readers. Ranging from comments and queries to interactions on our social media pages as well as the comments section, you have showered us with immense support and as we celebrate our 4th birthday today, we extend our gratitude to you.

Now, as is the (unsaid) ritual on anniversaries, let’s take a walk down the memory lane and see how we have grown. Analytics India Magazine started with a vision to highlight the development and potential of the Indian Analytics community on a global level. Over time, it became a platform that showcased not only the in’s’ and out’s but also the giants of the industry. Through various interviews, articles, reports and case studies, it became a source of referral and inspiration for many to pursue a career in analytics.

We have evolved into a portal that is no longer limited to analytics but also focuses on developments in the sister domains such as the Internet of Things, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and those from the Indian government on the analytics aspects too. In the last few years, Analytics India Jobs and Data Science Cult have also become an integral part of the AIM website for those looking for jobs or trying to locate an analytics organisation. Thus, we have become an anchor point for startups, students, vendors and service providers in the analytics industry.

Most importantly though, we are a magazine driven by our readers, so keep us posted on your likes, dislikes, give us suggestions, ask us questions and we will do our best to meet your needs, as we have been doing till date!


4 years 1

  • The number of total visitors to AIM increased by over 28%. However, the increase from 2015 to 2016 was more than double.
  • We saw an increase in traffic from all the major cities (except Gurgaon). The biggest increase in visitors came from Pune at 112% increase compared to last year. This was followed by Delhi at 57%.
  • The visitors from Dubai, Dallas & Kochi have also increased by more than double from a year ago.
  • Visitors with respect to the age bracket of 25-34 forms the biggest cluster; yet, percentage of this share has dropped from a year back.
  • On the contrary, the age brackets of 18-24 and 35-44 have increased their shares from a year back

4 years 2

Social Media

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4 years FB

  • We have been very active on Facebook. Since the last one year, the total increase in net likes to our facebook page has been around 40%.
  • We maintain an active Linkedin Group, the members have almost doubled in last year.
  • The biggest increase came for our Twitter page. The number of followers for our twitter page have increased by 10 folds since last year. Currently it stands at 2,419.

CYPHER 2015 | Analytics India Summit

Cypher 2015

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We launched Cypher, Analytics India Summit last year. It was held on 12th Sep 2015 at Hotel Park Plaza, Bangalore. The idea was to create a platform for analytics professionals to discuss various trends and challenges in analytics and network with each other.

Cypher ’15 saw more than 400 participants. A variety of people explored networking and collaboration opportunities with each other. Our aim is to make Cypher the flagship event on analytics in the country.

The next Cypher is scheduled on 15-17th September 2016.


Other Initiatives

  • We launched Data Science Cult in the month of Oct 2015. Data Science Cult is an online directory of analytics companies around the world.
  • Our annual Salary study of analytics professionals was published in April 2016, in collaboration with Analytixlabs.
  • Our online subscriber base currently stands at 65,000, a 45% increase from last year.
  • We released our first installment of annual top data scientists list in Nov 2015, after an extensive research.


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