Anthropic Partners with BCG to Expand Claude Capabilities

BCG’s customers globally will get direct access to Anthropic’s proprietary  AI assistant Claude to power their strategic AI offerings and deploy safer, more reliable AI solutions.
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San-Francisco-based AI lab Anthropic has announced a new collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the big three strategy-consulting firms, to expand its AI assistant, Claude, to more enterprises.

BCG’s customers globally will get direct access to Anthropic’s proprietary  AI assistant Claude to power their strategic AI offerings and deploy safer, more reliable AI solutions.

Through this collaboration, BCG will advise their customers on strategic applications of AI and help them deploy Anthropic models including Claude 2, the newest version of the AI lab’s assistant, to deliver business results. Use cases involving Claude span knowledge management, market research, fraud detection, demand forecasting, report generation, business analysis and more.

Why BCG Chose Anthropic

Anthropic chose to partner with BCG as its ‘Constitutional AI’ ideology aligns with BCG’s ‘Responsible AI’ idea.  Its ‘Constitutional AI’ is a set of principles, developed by Anthropic to make judgments about the AI’s  outputs. Therefore, the constitution guides the model to take on the normative behaviour described in it. On the other hand, BCG’s ‘Responsible AI’ is the process of developing and operating artificial intelligence systems that align with organisational purpose and ethical values, achieving transformative business impact.

In addition to working together to bring AI to new organisations, BCG has partnered with Anthropic to use Claude within its own teams.

“Our new collaboration with Anthropic will help deliver that alignment on harnessing value  and bottom line impact from AI,” said Sylvain Duranton, global leader of BCG X, BCG’s tech build and design unit. “

Together, we aim to set a new standard for responsible enterprise AI and promote a safety race to the top for AI to be deployed ethically.” he added.

Onboard the AI Bandwagon 

BCG had partnered with OpenAI in March this year to establish the Center for Responsible Generative AI within BCG X—unites tech builders, entrepreneurs and designers with talent in AI to enter into partnerships and build rapid solutions. 

BCG has also partnered with Intel to bring generative AI into enterprise. Bain & Company also partnered with OpenAI to help its clients integrate the technology developer’s innovations into daily tasks, reducing waste and supercharging productivity. MCKinsey & Co internally developed an AI Chatbot, Lilli, to deliver insights to employees based on a knowledge base of over 10,000 documents and archival data. It also aggregates external sources and allows employees to engage in dialogue with the platform.

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