Google Announces New Updates For Data Studio; Adds Google Maps For Embedded Reports

When embedding is enabled, a Data Studio report supports up to 30,000 free Google Map loads per month.
Google maps

Google recently announced new updates for its analytics platform Data Studio. Users can now include Google Maps in embedded reports. Users will now interact with reports in edit mode in many of the same ways as in view mode. 

For example, users can apply a filter and adjust the date range without having to switch to view mode. This makes it faster and more convenient to get insights from the created reports and analyse the data.

When embedding is enabled, a Data Studio report supports up to 30,000 free Google Map loads per month. Users can increase the number of map loads allowed by adding a Google Maps API key to the report.

The release also comes with a new Data panel added to the report editor. The panel can be seen whenever nothing else on the report is selected. Switching to the data panel between data sources and viewing all of the available fields for that data source has now been made easier. To create a new chart, just drag a field from the list to the canvas. If you drop a field on an existing chart, you’ll add that field to the chart.

Data Studio can now visualise the following dimensions using the Display & Video 360 connector:

  • Budget Segment Name
  • Budget Segment Start Date
  • Budget Segment End Date
  • Budget Segment Pacing Percentage
  • Budget Segment Budget
  • Line Item Start Date
  • Line Item End Date
  • Line Item Budget
  • Line Item Pacing Percentage
  • Insertion Order Goal Type
  • Insertion Order Goal Value
  • Percentage from Current IO Goal
  • Budget Type (Segment)

The previous update brought added support for connection to Microsoft SQL Server 2017, where visualising the connected data in your Data Studio reports and explorations was enabled. 

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