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How This Startup Is Using AI To Become A One-Stop Shop For Every Educational Requirement

How This Startup Is Using AI To Become A One-Stop Shop For Every Educational Requirement

The pandemic has turned the crisis into an opportunity for the EdTech Industry as the majority of schools are adopting online classes in order to continue as per their academic calendar. The e-Vidya initiative by the finance minister is an encouraging move and opens new avenues for EdTech players. 

With this initiative, e-learning will get more organised in India, and the adoption rate will go up across the educational institutions with an adaptive and integrated system to make an extensive ecosystem of online learning.

Following a similar vision, New Delhi-based Admission24 has started the initiative to become a one-stop solution for every educational requirement of a parent, children, teacher, colleges, universities, etc. with the focus of delivering ease and convenience through digital transformation.

Founded in 2019 by Abhinav Sekhri and Deepanka Sekhri, Admission24 was set up with a vision to provide quality education across nooks and corners of the country. The company has been facilitating educational institutions with the pool of digital services like online virtual classes, online payment of fees, and buying study material and books online.

Flagship Product

Admission24 recently launched a live virtual class solution keeping the requirement of the educational institutions in mind. The virtual classroom solution allows teachers to conduct unlimited live and interactive online classes for up to 1000 students in each session. 

During the live session, the students and teachers will be able to access virtual tools like online attendance, whiteboard, audio questions post-session, live chatbox option, virtual homework assignment, and other such.  

How Is It Different From Other Products In The Market?

To this question, Abhinav said, “We are one of the few players to be providing features like recording the class to teachers in our virtual live class solution. With this feature, teachers are able to record the session for students, which will be available on the app for 48 hours. This feature was introduced so that no students can miss the important session because of internet bandwidth.”

He added, “Also, one of the differentiators from our competitors is our ability to provide solutions and services with an affordability factor especially to tier 2, 3, 4 cities as per their needs and requirements.”

Use Of AI And ML

The company is using emerging technologies like AI and ML on various features that include LMS (Lead Management System), online virtual classes, fees management, GPS tracking, Online Attendance, etc.

Abhinav stated, “We are using a limited memory AI rather than a reactive machine AI where we are successfully able to forecast the trends and success rate of our user base from the existing market as well as the potential market.”   

He added, “The same is accompanied by an Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithm that is self-efficient in understanding the user behaviour patterns and choices and accordingly displays the results with respect to selection of institutions on the parameters of reviews, fees, location etc. And also on the basis of course preferences.”

Core Tech Stack

At Admission24, the tools used by developers are mentioned below: –

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  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, JQuery are used for the front-end along with some other tools like Adobe 
  • For the backend, the company is using MySQL, LARAVEL, and PHP
  • Besides, they use AI technologies that have features like facial recognition. The company has also rolled out its solution that surpasses live testing centres for security and reliability.

Tackling Hiring Phase

The company has a wide pool of developers, testing professionals, coders, digital marketing experts, content writers, bloggers, data entry specialists in the team. Admission24 has hired people from backgrounds like Telesales, IT, Tech, App Developers, Animators, Creative Designers, SEO/SEM Experts, and Sales.

Some of the essential attributes the company looks for in applicants are productivity, politeness, open-minded, passion for the job, hardworking, and adaptable mindset.

Future Roadmap

Talking about the user base, the company has onboarded more than 1,57,000 students on the platform within 2 months and has a total user base of more than 3.5 lacs students with more than 50,000 educational institutions.

Abhinav said, “We are in a process to launch interactive virtual solutions for students and schools while keeping the value proposition in mind. We have plans to go global and add international universities on our platform in order to help student looking for overseas education.”

He added, “Also, we are working on bringing at least 400-500 clients on board in the next 3 months. Our team is pretty confident and aggressive towards this without compromising on the value we drive.”

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