Kissflow launches a low-code/no-code platform to take on Microsoft and Appian

With the new platform, we aim to secure at least 100 million users on our platform across the entire enterprise user spectrum- from end-users, teams, process owners, citizen developers, and IT developers.
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Chennai-based Kissflow, founded in 2004, offers business process management products. Recently, the company launched a unified low-code/no-code work platform that fast-tracks enterprise digital transformation. The platform brings together the entire spectrum of work management into a unified experience for enterprise-wide users.

Kissflow lets organisations simplify work by enabling the team to build enterprise-grade apps, automate workflows 10x faster, and increase company productivity and innovation. Kissflow streamlines processes, democratises IT, provides 360-degree visibility, fosters creativity, and helps companies build a collaborative culture.

“True digital transformation can only be achieved when business and IT come together. Among other things (like the mindset of these two groups), one of the biggest roadblocks is not having a platform that seamlessly allows these two diverse groups to co-create digitisation. Kissflow is that technology that combines the power of two – business and IT,” said Suresh Sambandam, CEO of Kissflow.

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The opportunity

Enterprises today use multiple work management tools that focus exclusively on app development, process management, project or task management, and collaboration. However, rather than simplifying work, they make work complex and disjointed. Enterprises are frustrated with the disconnect between different solutions and teams.

According to IDC, over 500 million digital apps and services will be developed and deployed using cloud-native approaches by 2023.

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To accelerate digital transformation exponentially, the business users, who are the domain experts and are closer to the problem, need to be included. But to unlock the full potential of these business users, enterprises can’t rely on complex, old-school technologies. “An inclusive and unified experience for enterprise users is the only way to reach their digital transformation goals successfully,” Suresh adds.

With the new platform, Kissflow aims to unify Work Management (Process Management, Case Management, Project Management, Task Management, and Custom App builder). Unlike other solutions, Kissflow does not charge per app developed – giving users the ability to create unlimited apps without restrictions. The platform can also solve any long-tail use-cases for individual departments.

“Using Kissflow’s platform 500 million business users can embark on digital transformation. With this, Kissflow aims to secure a large pie in the USD 50 billion low code / no-code market entrenched by big gorillas like Microsoft and Appian,” said Suresh.

Kissflow’s work management platform has practical applications across many key industries with use-cases including:

  • Logistics & supply chain: distributor management, project tracking, operational dashboards, quality control
  • Healthcare: appointment management, calendar and reminders for patient appointments, online training apps for consultation
  • Manufacturing: maintenance management, inventory management, order management, vendor management
  • Banking & Insurance: factoring, loan loss prevention, risk management, policy administration

The long march

“Even though we started with simplified rule-based application development, we are in a constant pursuit to empower the people closest to the problem with tools and technologies as they are best placed to solve those problems in the most elegant, cost-effective and time-efficient way. We have been one of the top 3 players in no-code BPM & workflow automation categories. We have been leading those categories for decades,” said Suresh.

“At Kissflow, we believe that the most powerful solutions are the simple ones. For example, if you punch a few numbers in your phone, it magically calls someone on the other end of the world in a second. The technology is complex (not complicated), but it is simple for users. In an increasingly complex world, such simplicity, which we call the “Power of Simple”, is the core value of our products, that helps us stand out.”

Over the years, the company has acquired over 10,000 customers and a million users across 160 countries. Hundreds of global and Fortune 500 brands such as Airbus, Pepsi, McDermott, Comcast and Danone rely on Kissflow to simplify their work. “With the new platform, we aim to secure at least 100 million users on our platform across the entire enterprise user spectrum- from end-users, teams, process owners, citizen developers, and IT developers,” said Suresh.

With a strong focus on the global enterprise market, Kissflow is now setting up multiple sales offices in the US and sales operations in LATAM and South East Asia. They already have a team in the Middle East and will look at strengthening their reach and partnerships in the region.

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