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Nielsen adds AI to its marketing cloud

Nielsen adds AI to its marketing cloud

Mark Zagorski, Executive Vice President, Nielsen Marketing Cloud

New York-headquartered data and Measurement Company Nielsen has taken the leap to Artificial Intelligence, with the launch of Nielsen AI, built in the Nielsen Cloud. The AI capabilities will automates audience optimization using patent-pending AI methods and enable the global clients to respond in real time with relevant content, thereby improving customer engagement and ROI.

So, what necessitated the leap to AI that has become the new normal in every sector? According to Mark Zagorski, Executive Vice President, Nielsen Marketing Cloud, “Nielsen AI goes beyond industry-standard batch-learning approaches that are restricted by static datasets and take days on end to complete.” Zagorski also revealed that AI has been at work in Nielsen since 2011.

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Nielsen AI is created for the always-on marketer who needs to act on up-to-the-second information in an automated way, by equipping them with tools needed for real-time data processing, learning and syndication, enabling marketers to cut through the clutter through better customer experiences across devices, time and channels.

Nielsen AI is already at work for clients across retail, food and beverage, personal care, finance, digital media and out of home as well.

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What the industry buzzing about Nielsen’s AI move

The buzz is mostly about another martech vendor making an AI push that will enable marketers to identify the parameters of the campaign. It also implies that marketers can now change their messages to reflect changes in buying behavior. According to industry watchers, the move is largely seen joining the AI bandwagon with other players such as IBM, Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce among others. The Marketing Cloud was launched a year ago, and news reports suggest that Nielsen’s AI capabilities are thanks to the company’s acquisition of eXelate, a data management platform, in 2015 for $200 million.

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