Spacechips Coming to India

Spacechips is a UK SME that provides Space-Electronics design consultancy services to manufacturers of satellites and spacecraft around the world. Spacechips helps OEMs exploit the latest advances in Space Electronics, use the latest components, design satellite sub-systems right-first-time and develop local capability in India.

Spacechips recently won High-Reliability Product of the Year for its novel satellite transponder and the company has also been shortlisted for Company of the Year and International Business of the Year.

Spacechips CEO, Dr. Rajan Bedi, receiving the award for High-Reliability Product of the Year


Spacechips also offers training in Space Electronics around the world and its three-day course will start in Bangalore on Tuesday 20th of June. For the first time, Spacechips’ courses teach and compare all space-grade FPGAs, ADCs/DACs, DC-DCs and POLs, allowing companies to make independent and informed technology selections to ensure satellites are develop right-first-time. The courses also introduce the next generation of space-grade and COTS devices to enable lower-cost missions.

Spacechips’ training in Space Electronics are unique and not offered by anyone else in the world. The courses have been taught to ESA and the training has just been commissioned by NASA in the US. Attendee feedback and photographs from the Tel Aviv, Toulouse, Munich, South Korea & Singapore courses can be viewed by clicking these links.

ESA course attendees in 2017.


The courses will help Indian satellite companies, manufacturers of small satellites, ISRO and government to develop local capability and expertise.

What you will learn to benefit immediate and future projects?

  1. The differences between all space-grade FPGAs and how to select the most suitable device for your next project. Comparison of FPGAs implementing spacecraft IP! Which new ultra deep-submicron COTS parts can be used for space applications.
  2. The differences between all space-grade ADCs/DACs and how to select the most suitable device for your next project. Which parts not to select?
  3. The differences between all space-grade isolated DC-DCs, linear and switching POLs and how to select the most suitable device for your next project.
  4. How to use and select COTS parts for Space Applications and which COTS FPGAs, ADCs/DACs and Power devices can you use to deliver low-cost satellites quickly.
  5. How to power a 1V 50A FPGA?
  6. How to ensure your space-electronics hardware/PCB design will be delivered to cost and right-first-time?

A three-day programme will be offered comprising FPGA, Mixed-Signal and Power courses. You can book any individual course, any two, or the complete three-day training which is attached. The courses include videos, demonstrations of test equipment and EDA software solving real problems currently being faced by the space industry. All attendees will receive a personal bound copy of the course notes containing almost 800 slides.

Places can be booked now by emailing:

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