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UP Govt. To Launch AI & ML Courses For Students Of The State

UP Govt. To Launch AI & ML Courses For Students Of The State

UP Govt To Launch AI & ML Courses For Students Of The State

In an attempt to bridge the talent gap in the corporate sector, the UP government has partnered with the Austin University of the US to launch courses on artificial intelligence and machine learning for cybersecurity management and data analytics.

Talking about the launch, Uttar Pradesh Minister Siddharth Nath Singh, stated to the media that an MoU had been signed between the technical education department of the state government and the Austin University to launch these certification programmes for students of the state. On successful completion of the courses, the students will receive a certificate or a degree from the Austin University, which can be useful for landing a job in the corporate sector.

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Explaining better, Singh said that these courses would be a game-changer in the field of higher and technical education, where the students of the state will get a certificate from one of the best US universities while residing in any UP city. As compared to the progressive states of the country, UP has majorly lacked such advanced courses; thus, Singh believes that these certifications programmes will make these learners useful for global brands.

He said that the government’s all over the world, as well as the global corporate houses, are always in need for people who are skilled with these advanced courses, and therefore with this launch Uttar Pradesh will be able to fill that talent gap.

According to the news, these degree courses will be of two-year duration, whereas the diploma courses will be of one-year. The courses have been designed for online learning along with hybrid online live sessions, while later if required the Austin University could open its campus, where the learners can do their internship.

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Considering many students struggle for jobs despite having a degree in conventional courses, the aim with these advanced courses is to equip the students with industry-required skills — cybersecurity management, artificial intelligence and data analytics, and make them industry-ready and employable in the corporate sector.

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