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10 infographic tools that helps users design “killer” Infographics

10 infographic tools that helps users design “killer” Infographics

Infographics help to break down complex information and present it in a way that can be easily understood. Moreover, consumers today are incredibly visual. You would rather look at an image or a chart than read an entire article or report. Businesses leverage the use of infographics for marketing, client presentations, and a wide range of other purposes.

There are several tools available today that help you create infographics and charts swiftly, and free-of-cost. Consumers who are planning to integrate the use of infographic tools will surely wonder where to start from in a most cost-effective manner. Analytics India Magazine lists down some of the most popular tools based on their features, in an alphabetical order.

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1. Canva Infographic Maker

Canva Infographic Maker

A robust and easy-to-use online tool, Canva lets user work with any kind of design tasks. It can include brochures, presentations, and much more. Besides, the tool features a wide array of images, icons, fonts, and features to select from.

This is not all, the infographic tool also features a dedicated infographic maker, available for free, which combines hundreds of free design elements and fonts at your fingertips. Besides, the tool also contains many premium elements, which you can buy for up to $1. The tool can either be used directly in the browser, or it can be downloaded on the Canva iPad app.

2. Dipity

Another infographic tool, Dipity helps in creating, sharing, embedding, and collaborating on interactive, visually engaging timelines. It also integrates video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location, and time stamps.

Users can join on Dipity for free. However, premium plans offer custom branding and backgrounds, analytics, and custom iPhone apps.


To start you off, this free web-based infographic tool furnishes a dozen free templates. Additionally, these templates can be easily customized. The tool also allows users to upload graphics and position them with one touch. gains you access to a library of things like arrows, shapes, and connector lines. Besides, you can customize the text with an array of fonts, colors, text styles, and sizes.

4. Google Developers

Google Charts

Google chart tools are undoubtedly powerful and free, besides guaranteeing ease-of-use. Users can not only choose from a variety of ready-to-use chart types, but they can also configure an extensive set of options to perfectly match the look and feel of the website. The types include simple line graphs, geographical maps, and timelines.

Users can also create pointers, QR codes, and other visual tools to customize images and upload them directly to the site. The tools is indeed the best-in-class infographic generator for a website.

5. iCharts

This highly scalable tool lets user utilize Excel spreadsheets or Google Drive documents to automatically create a variety of chart types, including interactive ones.

The infographic tool also combines sharing and distribution features to help users reach a larger audience. The general plans range from free to $75 per month, besides an enterprise option.

6. InfoActive

This particular infographic tool specializes in live data, implying that the tool lets you create infographics that can be continued and updated. Moreover, your customers and readers can also interact with these infographics.

The tool uses a drag-and-drop option for users to add text, charts, and filters. Besides, you can move the infographics or edit them as necessary.


An example of an infographic

This free and highly impressive tool offers user access to a wide graphs, charts, and maps. Besides, also provides users with the ability to upload pictures and videos to create cool infographics.

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Data customization for the infographic is usually done in an Excel style spreadsheet which can be easily edited. The software automatically changes the look of the infographic to perfectly represent the data. Moreover, users can publish their infographic to the Infogram website, once it’s made. This allows other users to view and even embed the infographic on their own website, or share it via social media.

8. Many Eyes

The IBM created infographic tool provides you with a set of pre-determined visualization options. These options are further based on the type of data you have. These can include pie charts, word trees, tag clouds, maps, word generators, and much more.

On Many Eyes, the designs are simple, however, the free tool helps you sort your data. Moreover, the tool also helps in creating visuals for part of a presentation, or a larger infographic project.

9. Piktochart

Another impressive infographic and presentation tool in the market, Piktochart helps users convert boring data into engaging infographics with just a few clicks. Moreover, the tool’s customizable editor allows user to modify color schemes and fonts, insert pre-loaded graphics, and upload basic shapes and images.

Piktochart integrates grid lined templates, making it easier for users to align graphical elements and resize images proportionally. The tool’s free version offers three basic themes, while the pro account costs either $29 per month, or $169 for a year.

10. Venngage


Vennage is a social analytics and marketing organization, offering infographics and other designs as part of its service package. The organization furnishes a robust infographic tool by the same name that helps users to create and publish infographics in a very simple and easy manner.

Moreover, users can choose templates, themes, and hundreds of charts and icons. Besides, users can upload their own images and backgrounds, or customize a theme to suit your brand. The tool also integrates animation capabilities. The company offers its branded infographics as part of a free plan. Besides, there is a premium version available for $19 a month.

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