NVIDIA’s AI Supremacy is All About CUDA

NVIDIA’s AI Supremacy is All About CUDA

CUDA is a moat for NVIDIA. But the company’s pursuit of an upmarket strategy, focusing on high-priced data centre offerings, might let other companies be able to catch up with their software

Why is Everyone Trying to become NVIDIA?

Following in the footsteps of AMD and Cerebras, Tenstorrent aims to challenge chip giant NVIDIA with its recent $100 million investment from Hyundai and Samsung

7 Models Based on Llama 2

Llama 2 is Communist

Here are some models which are already built on LLaMa-2 and can be used to access the latest Meta offering

NVIDIA Sees GPUs Everywhere

NVIDIA is Funding Itself

Companies buying NVIDIA GPUs through VC funds is one thing, but what if NVIDIA funds startups so that they can buy NVIDIA GPUs?